Our Story

Why We Started

Being in a rush almost every morning, our co-founder often found himself skipping breakfast. After several years of this, & clearly knowing the benefits of a good breakfast, he really wanted to solve this problem. He needed a convenient & healthy breakfast that he could prep, eat & clear up, in under 5 minutes.

After speaking with many professionals & parents, he realised it was a common problem. Having spent over a year researching & testing, he designed a small blender which could be carried anywhere & create healthy smoothies & shakes, in literally minutes. We call it, the smoovii...

Our Belief

At smoovii, we believe you don't need to spend lots of money & time to eat nutritiously. We believe you can eat delicious & nutritious food, anytime, anywhere. We believe you don't need to compromise on your health, ever.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to empower busy people, to live healthier. We hope with the smoovii, you take another step to a healthier & happier life.